The People's Republic of Paper


Green Door Studio houses the People's Republic of Paper, a community paper and book studio in Burlington, Vermont. The studio is fully equipped with a hollander beater, 6 foot sink, a guillotine paper cutter and book and hydrolic paper press.

Please take a moment to view the pictures and learn more about the papermaking process and our workshops.


Drew Matott
Drew Matott is founder of People's Republic of Paper. He learned traditional western papermaking in Buffalo, NY and currently is studying paper at Columbia College-Chicago. Drew uses paper in book art, installation and street performance.


Cory Vinyard
Cory Vinyard is a woodworker who has incorporated book and paper into book art, cabinetry and wall design.


Dave and Mark Crosby incorporate paper into their unique and innovative forms.

Crosby & Company Website


Ryan Power
Ryan Power released the album 'loventropy' in the summer of 2005. He and band members made five hundred unique sheets of paper for the CD jacket and liner notes.

Ryan Power Website


Adam Cummins
In the spring of 2005, Adam Cummins made paper for an edition of memorial books he bound in memory of Reni Celeste.

Adam Cummins Website


Drew Matott
Alex Wilson repaired an old guitar and decorated it with images on handmade paper. The art guitar travelled throughout Alaska with Alex and now resides with him in Bellingham, Washington.


group picture
As a part of the Green Door's Fluoride exhibit, Drew Matott, Michael Connett and Alex Wilson spoke with folk singer Pete Seeger. As a gift of appreciation for Mr. Seeger's lifetime of activism, the group made him a scroll.