Drew Matott received his MFA in Book & Paper Arts from Columbia College-Chicago (2008) and his BFA in Printmaking from the Buffalo State College (2001). He co-founded the Green Door Studio (2002), People's Republic of Paper (2003), Deep Fried Books (2006), Pulp Printing (2007), the Combat Paper Project (2007), The Portable Paper Studio (2008), Papermaking as Trauma Intervention (2010), Peace Paper Project (2011), Veteran Paper Workshop (2011) and Panty Pulping (2013).


Peace Paper Project

Writing & Artmaking Workshops in India

Experimental Photography

Ravages of Time - Artist Book

Pulp Portraits of Your Religious Leader

People's Portraits of Bush

Bushwack Photographs


Boston University HIV/AIDS Paper Action, 2007.


Climate Control Blockade video from Art Hop 2007.


Artist Books, Spring 2006


Community College of Vermont Exhibit, 2006


Outdoor Book, Chicago, 2005


Chicago, 2005


Editioned Books, 1999-2004


Green Door Studio, 2002-2005


Pinhole Photography, 2000


Buffalo, NY, 1999-2000