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Re-making Sense


On April 21st, 2007, Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) presented an exhibit of photographs, paintings and installation as well as performances by local vets who shared their experiences. A handmade book, Warrior Writers: Move, Shoot and Communicate, created in collaboration with The People's Republic of Paper, was also released. The limited edition of 300 copies has since sold out. The proceeds went to benefit the Warrior Writers Project. The show ran through May 3rd.

The exhibit was the work of Mastermind Lovella Calicia
with "co-conspiritors" Drew Cameron & Aaron Hughes.


Invite to Exhibit
Poster invitation to the exhibit



Viewing gallery exhibits
Evan Moodie USMC viewing gallery exhibits



"Re-making Sense" is a glimpse into the struggles of being a weapon of war during the illegal and disgusting US occupation of Iraq. Being part of the force that will stop the war, members of the Iraq Veterans Against the War heal and thrive through their work. "Re-making Sense" is testimony that art and community are powerful and transforming.



Basic Combat Load
basic combat load


American Flags in Duffle Bag




Book Release, Performances & Exhibit

Warrior Writers: Move, Shoot and Communicate

A collection of writing by Iraq Veterans Against the War - This book is a weapon against war. "In our writing, we find that we can create beauty and life from our tears and pain."

Performances by Iraq Veterans Against the War

Members of the organization, participants of the writing workshops and contributors to the book shared their thoughts. And by sharing created a spiritual connection with one another.

Photographs, Paintings and Installation

Artwork by Iraq Veterans Against the War along with portraits of members and photos of "Operation First Casualty" by Lovella Calicia.



Both Drew Cameron and Aaron Hughes are quoted in an April 15, 2007 Washington Post article about art as therapy for returning Iraq vets as a means of personal healing.

"Veterans with traumatic combat injuries often find healing power in art. They communicate through pencil and charcoal drawings, sculpture and painting. Their images range from calm, colorful landscapes to mangled vehicles, prisoners and carnage. It's a therapy recognized as especially helpful to those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)."

- Jackie Spinner, Staff Writer for the Washington Post


Our thanks also to Margot Harrison for highlighting the show in her "state of the arts" column in the April 18th issue of Seven Days.


Vince Emanuele
Vince Emanuele reading his work


The Warrior Writers Project is an opportunity for veterans to come together to reconcile and heal through sharing their stories with each other.


For a more personal view of the war in Iraq based upon interviews with Vermont members of IVAW Drew Cameron, Matt Howard and Adrienne Kinne (including links to audio downloads), be sure to read Cathy Resmer's feature article, "Peace Talks" in the April 25, 2007 edition of Seven Days.


Re-making Sense Crew
Re-making Sense Crew