For two millennia, humankind has created paper by hand. Whatever the intention behind the paper, be it to represent wealth, to carry spirituality, or to convey messages, every fiber that goes into the making of paper has a story to tell.

Today, Peace Paper works to empower healing arts communities by introducing collaborative art processes that foster positive forward thinking, enhanced communication, and peaceful reconciliation.

Through hand papermaking, writing, book and printmaking activities, we work together to transform significant articles of clothing into works of art that broadcast personal stories, mutual understanding and healing.

Utilizing an age-old technique of making paper by hand (from old garments and/or cloth), participants use both traditional and contemporary applications of the paper arts. Once their paper is made, it becomes the foundation for expressive content in the form of hand drawn images, text, photographs, and/or prints - as a means of telling their individual stories. Participants do not need any prior experience with these processes.

Peace Paper Project has been collaborating with art studios, universities, and civic centers across the globe. Peace Paper harnesses local creative resources as a means of building connections between participants and their communities. These connections promote sustained artistic expression as well as an enduring sense of personal confidence and accomplishment among participants.






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