Green Door Studio:

Halloween 2006


Some very scary demons showed up at the Green Door Studio with paint buckets in hand, transforming the gallery into a bizarre party site to celebrate Halloween 2006. Most of the art work was done by Andrea Currie, Athena Kafantaris, Clark Derbes, Todd Eschenburg and assorted certifiable friends. It is rumored that there are several self portraits contained in the mix along with some memories from childhood nightmares.

Todd Eschenburg and Ben Hedstrom performed as Pink Bacon, producing some highly experimental noise rock that "sounded like hell itself had opened a portal inside the studio".

This could very well become an annual tradition!


Gallery Transformed
The center gallery was transformed by ...
well, we're not exactly sure....


skeleton rising?
or just saying 'hallow'?



... a whirl of the erupting land, a charred and burned tree of redemption, demons and ghouls, goblins and predators; overwhelming all! The gallery may never be the same....



The yellow volcano is on your right as you enter ...



... and arms rise from the flames to grab you... beckoning you inside ... if you dare!