Green Door Studio:

Energy Landscapes


In May 2007, Brian Miles presented an exhibit of "energy landscapes", featuring images that depict the visual and social impacts of coal, water and wind power technologies on mountainous landscapes in Vermont, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Brian is a graduate student in environmental thought and culture at the University of Vermont. His research interests include environmental rhetoric and environmental justice. As an artist, he works primarily in digital photography.

Limited prints of the works featured in this exhibit are available for purchase. Half the profit will be donated to Coal River Mountain Watch, an organization dedicated to stopping the destruction of rural communities and the environment by mountaintop removal mining while improving the quality of life and rebuilding sustainable communities. Contact Brian for more information.


Phloem (Silver Lake State Park, VT), and other pieces
digital photograph, acrylic on newsprint ($9.84)


Holler (Coal River Valley, WV)
digital photograph, acrylic on newsprint ($9.84)



Terra nullius no.1
Terra nulius no. 1 (Boone County, WV)
digital photograph, ink jet print ($80.22)