Roadside Book Bomb
Concrete, styrofoam and bound Inkjet prints on handmade paper.
Chicago, 2006

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Roadside Book Bomb Text:

It is dawning. The winterís sleep has come to an end. Beneath the snow life is returning. A new year approaches and we renew ourselves to the earth.

I have watched you carefully to learn your strength and ways. Siding with the Devil you have trampled humanity; silenced the educated and the defiant. You have divided our politics, beaten our lawyers and overruled our judges; you have had your way.

You are strong, arrogant, and heedless. Oil spill here, a leaky reactor there. You are only concerned with your own success. The state says you may proceed. You are overconfident. You cannot see through our eyes. You are heatless and self deluded.

There are laws beyond our government, There are people who canít be bought; who wont compromise; whose roots cling to the soil; who donít wrest their life from it, but are nurtured by it. Who savor it, love it and protect it.

What now you say? Heat the seaway up with nuclear power? More oil spills, more radioactivity, already you rendered the fish inedible, will you now bake them into a stinking cesspool.

The list of grievances grows long and we shall grow longer in our defense. The course is clear we shall do what we must to end your Tyranny. Strength rises against you and soon you shall be alone and we will take our country back.

David Wilber Matott, 1970.