Green Door Studio:

Shoebox Diorama-O-Rama II


On June 9, 2007, the Green Door Studio hosted a competion and show by nine community artists. The challenge? Construct a diorama that could fit in a shoe box. This was the second edition of the popular competition and artist's "creative potluck" gathering.

So what's a diorama? According to Webster, diorama is from the greek (dia = through + horama = a view); a scenic display, as of three dimensional figures against a painted background. Webster describes it as a noun. We prefer it as a verb. And the more dimensions, the better....



The White House
The White House



The American Dream
The American Dream



Boom Box!
... an untitled Boom Box sits on the shelf...



Inside the Boom Box
... so that's what's inside....

Andrea Currie won first prize for this quirky perspective.



Dynasty rocks! on the outdoor patio


Diorama-O-Rama I