Panty Pulping is a public intervention by Peace Paper Project that calls an end to sexual and domestic violence in all forms. Panty Pulping is literally the transformation of underwear into paper art as a means of addressing the unmentionable. This workshop promotes consent, non-violence, and creative expressions of resilience through hand papermaking.

Panty Pulping workshops bring people together to share their strengths and joy through the transformation of their most intimate garments into paper. The concept of creating paper from clothing with personal significance reaches a new level as participants of all ages and genders snip, beat, and reform their underwear together.

By participating in this process, we make a vow to ourselves and our communities to use our power to prevent violence in thought, speech, and action. The process takes the closest, most private piece of cloth and puts it in the open, exposing stories and personality. The act of creating a sheet of paper symbolizes a commitment to peace, and a physical manifestation of respect and support for survivors.

In the spirit of working with paper as social action as well as paper as paper as art therapy, Panty Pulping is an advocacy piece aimed to spread awareness and promote healthy relations. Funding received from Panty Pulping's host institutions, such as universities, enables Peace Paper Project to facilitate private papermaking workshops for survivors of abuse in collaboration with shelters and therapists.

Panty Pulping workshops, like all Peace Paper workshops, are adaptable to public and private formats. For more information on our workshops, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Listen to a short piece about our Panty Puping workshop at St. Lawrence University by Zach Hirsch at North Country Public Radio.

To bring a Panty Pulping workshop to your community, contact

If you are an institution hosting a Panty Pulping workshop click here to access our Panty Pulping Press Kit.













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